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AFF Architekten

© D. Meckl, Berlin


AFF Architekten was founded in Berlin in 1999. They have realized buildings of various standards, all of which have one common narrative nature. AFF closely links form finding to the authenticity of the material. In line with the tradition of the workshop principle, the idea is to create architecture with character, founded on teamwork.

Joschka Kannen


“BORDER isLAND CYPRUS” (master thesis)

Nikolaus Bienefeld

© Architekturbüro Bienefeld


With the basic topics of architecture Nikolaus Bienefeld lends his buildings incomparable, simple quality: space, light, material, detail und destiny.


Foundation agencies

Executive Committee
Jutta Dambach-Stierle, Baden-Baden
Claudius Lang, Karlsruhe
Prof. Dr. h. c. Wilfried Wang, Berlin/ Austin, Texas
Supervisory Board
Dr. Ursula Baus, Stuttgart
Prof. Dr. Werne…read more