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Doug Saunders

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Prize winner

The Schelling Architecture Foundation recognizes the British-Canadian author for the new perspective with which he explores the causes of basic parameters leading to the need for and the influences on new accommodation solutions for immigrants in Western societies. In doing so he has also developed basic principles for urban development that will ultimately determine the success or failure of our urban living conditions in the 21st century. In 2011 he recorded his observations and intensive research of the subject of migration in twenty metropolitan areas across all continents in the book „Arrival City“ and in 2012 in „The Myth of the Muslim Tide“.

The second Schelling Study Prize has been awarded

On November 15th, 2017 the Schelling Study Prize has been awarded at KIT, department of architecture for the second time. Since 2015 this prize is awarded every two years for the best final t…read more

Schelling Architecture Prizes 2016 Awarded

On November 16th 2016 the jury made its decision for this year’s Schelling Architecture Award.
After the short presentations of the three nominated studios, the Belgian architects De Vylder Vinck Ta…read more

Exhibition / Informations about the nominees and their projects

For the first time in the foundation’s history informations about the nominated architects – DVVT (Gent), Kempe Thill (Rotterdam) and Rozana Montiel / Estudio de Arquitectura (Mexico) – and their wor…read more

The Schelling Architecture Award Nominations and the Theory Prize Winner 2016

This year, the Board of Trustees for the Schelling Architecture Foundation nominated three firms for its architecture prize endowed with € 20.000, all of which will be introducing themselves to the p…read more