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Curtain up! Exhibition Trude Schelling-Karrer June 3rd till August 28th, 2022

The exhibition “Curtain up! Trude Schelling-Karrer: From the Stage to the Interior Design” will be shown in the Museum for Literature on the Upper Rhine, Prinz-Max-Palais Karlsruhe.

On the occasio…read more

On the death of Martin Steinmann

Martin Steinmann, Schelling theory prize winner 2000, died on March 10, 2022.

Martin Steinmann was a knowledge-creating architect. His engagement with architecture, which has lasted for decades, i…read more

Xu Tiantian/DnA_Design and Architecture

Xu Tiantian


Xu Tiantian opened her own architectural office in Beijing in 2003. Since 2014 she has been developing a new strategy of small-scale interventions with the regional administration of Songyang and the local economy, from which the entire spatial area can benefit.
The interventions of DnA strive for an interaction between rural and urban characteristics. The projects are spread across the region like a network of acupuncture. They activate the local economy, strengthen the cultural identity and take care of the environment and community.

Schelling Architecture Prize 2020 finally awarded

Congratulations to Lina Ghotmeh!

Ghotmeh is a wanderer between Europe and the Middle East. She grew up in Beirut, where she studied at the American University. She was shaped by the ti…read more

Friederike Reis


“Brückenschlag: Kunst – Design & Technologie. Erweiterung der Fakultät für Gestaltung Pforzheim” (Master thesis)